Rosh Hashanah Day One: Headaches and Flat Feet: How The Head Of The Year Heals



How important are the details of life?   

When looking at the big picture, the small details can often be overlooked and seem trivial. So when we celebrate the Rosh — the head — of the year, we certainly have a birds eye view of the entire  year. But what happens to the details? Do they matter.  

 Does the heel matter as much as the head? 

Doctors assert that headaches could be caused by one’s feet, or the shoes one wears on those feet.  The Torah has always taught this. And has indeed captured it in the blowing of the Shofar. 

Sound the shofar on the New Moon, on the appointed time for the day of our festival. For it  is a statute for Israel, the judgment of the G-d of Jacob. 

In the “head” of Israel, and the “heel” of Jacob, lies the power of being a Jew. 

And of blowing the Shofar. 

With humor, medical and scientific insights into the head and heel of the human body, and the analysis of a cryptic verse in the Rosh Hashanah prayer, this sermon presents a powerful New Year lesson to us all about the key to a successful year: Fusing the head and the heel, the big and the small. 


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