Shabbat Nachamu/Va’etchanan Sermon Package



Get five complete and original sermons for Shabbat Nachamu/Va’etchanan (or purchase them individually)

1. Demographics
Should Jews be concerned that they are seriously outnumbered by the nations of the world, and should we therefore bend to their will? In this week’s Torah portion we read that the secret of Israel’s strength is quality, not quantity. This offers us powerful lessons about success.
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2. Shabbat Nachamu: Be Comforted
How do we deal with loss and pain? This week, the Hebrew calendar moves forward like a spinning wheel, leading is from loss and destruction to a time of consolation and empowerment. In its powerful way, it teaches us how to build courage and strength even in times of insecurity.
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3. Nachamu and The Olympics
What can sports teach us about Shabbat Nachamu, about consolation, and about building our relationship with humanity and with G-d? Going for the gold teaches us three lessons: 1) pure, not plated, gold, is the standard; 2) it takes a lifetime of practice to perform well for a few minutes; 3) a millisecond can make the difference between winning and losing.
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4. The Birth of True Therapy
More than 30% of all adults in the USA go to therapy today, spending about $65 billion annually. But are we healthier people today? Long before we entered the modern age, Isaiah the prophet presented a most eloquent and powerful system – a modality of comforting our suffering souls and healing our wounds – the first ever therapeutic model of healing and consolation.
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5. The Secret of Parenthood
How can we as parents provide our children with the best possible education? The answer lies in two words from the Shema – “V’shinantam l’vanecha – And you shall teach them to your children.”  It teaches us a surprising connection between parents and teachers.
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