Shelach: Making Aliyah: Is It Worth It?



What is the source and root of aliyah? What can it teach us about our lives and about Israel?

Every Jew must make aliyah – that is, in the broad sense of the word to never be satisfied wherever he/she might be and always ascend higher. Aliyah today is the term used to describe immigration to Israel, which is part of our destiny – to ultimately elevate ourselves to the level of “Israel.” But even if presently one isn’t immigrating, we should all be striving for spiritual aliyah – a state of constant elevation.

As the Jews prepare for their first aliyah to Israel (aloh naaleh), the story of the spies/scouts in this week’s Torah portion teaches us this lesson: true purity and purpose is not found in the shielded protection of the wilderness, but in overcoming the challenges and obstacles of the Promised Land.

There is a reason we will fight for this Land even though it’s easier to remain in the wilderness. That reason is: the Land teaches us that our heights are limitless.

So long as we get out of our own way.


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