7 Shemot Sermons to Choose From



Get seven complete and original sermons for Parshat Shemot (or purchase them individually)

1. I am a Child and I Believe Who is closer to the truth – adults or children? Ostensibly it would seem that a mature adult would be able to access the truth more than an undeveloped child. The Torah sees things a bit differently: A child is the closest possible thing to the truth, as we discover in this week’s Torah reading. Read More

2.  Who Are Our Heroes? As TIME magazine unveils its “Person of the Year.” it’s a good opportunity to ask ourselves: who do we honor? What defines the best in a person? Who would you designate as the true “person of the year” – our ultimate role model? Who would you want your children look up to? We find the answer in this week’s Parsha. Read More

3. 24th of Tevet: The True Father of Psychology Modern-day psychology believes that we humans are evolved beasts, driven by primal, narcissistic needs and feelings. But is that the way it really is? In stark contrast, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi offers us a different psychological model – a revolutionary way to think about ourselves and the world. Read More

4. How To Balance Family And Work How did the Jews in Egypt – literally enslaved by their jobs and facing circumstances much more threatening than Wall Street – take care of their families? The surprising answer teaches all overworked, modern-day toilers how to balance their work-life and their family-life. Read More

5. How to Deal with a Rebellious Child Moses, the shepherd, followed one little lamb down the wayward path, realizing that it wasn’t running away but was simply thirsty and looking for drink. Every act of rebellion is simply a loved one thirsting for something to drink. Moses teaches us powerful lessons how do deal with estranged children and relatives. Read More

6. The Staff of Wonders Imagine being gifted with a magic wand, whose otherworldly powers allow you to realize your most sublime dreams and achieve your deepest desires. In this week’s Torah reading we discover that such a magical object does indeed exist and that its legendary wonders are at our disposal … if we recognize it for what it is. Read More

7. The Secret to a Great Marriage Is marriage based on human logic? How do you deal with hardships in marriage? What is the secret to a successful and sustainable marriage? We find the surprising answers to these questions in a puzzling episode in this week’s Torah portion. Read More


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