Simchat Torah: Whom Should You Marry?



When G-d tells you that He will give you anything you request, what will you ask for?

Will you ask for health, wealth, long life, wonderful children, a beautiful family?

Or will you ask for something far greater – will you ask for the King’s daughter’s hand in marriage – which will bring you everything else?

Simchat Torah is the most festive and joyous day of the year, compared to a wedding. But why is that? What is the connection between Simchat Torah and a wedding, and why do we refer to those called up to conclude and begin the Torah on this day as Chatan, “Groom” – Chatan Torah, Chatan Bereishis?

Also, what is the scriptural source for celebrating when the Torah is completed?

The answer lies in a wise dream of King Solomon and a magnificent Midrash that explains its inner meaning.

And it will transform how you look at yourself and at Torah.





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