Sukkot Day Two: Is Sukkot a Shady Business?



Published on: 9/28/15

There are some 400 billion trees on planet earth. That’s about 58 trees per person. And that’s a lot of shade. So why do we need sukkahs to make even more shade?

Indeed, a sukkah under a tree is as kosher as a sukkah in a house – that is, not kosher at all.

So what then is the purpose of sukkah shade? And does not the schach – the palm fronds or evergreen branches that make it up – come from the tree?

In this sermon, we will explore why we Jews merited this great mitzvah in the first place (it has something to do with Abraham, shade and three angels), as well as the deeply-rooted anatomy of the tree.

And we will discover that the difference between a tree and a sukkah is forests apart – one represents predictability while the other is so unpredictable that you could never guess its power.

Come branch out and sit in the shade of this sermon.


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