Sukkot Day One: A Topsy-Turvy World



Education Lessons From a Hut

Is this world upside down or outside in? When people worship the body and ignore the soul, value the peel and forget the fruit within, then we have a topsy-turvy reality. But what do we do about it and how do we ensure that our children see life as it should be seen: inside out?

A fascinating Talmud explaining the mysterious words of today’sHaftorah, illuminated by an enchanting story with Rebbe Yechezkel Taub of Kuzmir, reveals for us the power of the Sukkah and its revolutionary lessons in educating our children.

Our Haftorah speaks of global war and darkness. Then it prophesies that all the nations will make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem on the Festival of Sukkot. What is the connection?

This sermon answers that question via a story of one father whose plea overturned a decree of heaven and allowed him more time on earth to educate his children in Torah. It is a story that teaches how we must use our sukkahs – which represent the Clouds of Glory – to create cocoons for our children, and prepare them and the world to the time when all darkness will be banished and to the “spreading of a shelter (sukkah) of peace upon us, and upon all Israel, and upon Jerusalem” – hapores sukkat shalom aleinu v’al kol amo Yisrael v’al Yershalayim.


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