Sukkot Day Two: The Secret to Happiness: Music, Flutes & Water



Everyone wants to be happy. But what is the secret formula of happiness?

Do you ever feel that you are lost in a life of material duties and chores, which don’t allow you to live up to your true potential? Do you ever feel like you have a voice – a song – trapped inside you, unable to be expressed? Is there a way to free your song, and release your voice?

A few thousand years ago, a special reed flute, smooth, thin, and from Moses, was played at the Temple during the Celebrating of Water-Drawing on Sukkor.

A few hundred years ago, the Baal Shem Tov and his students heard the music of the Holy Temple played from the flute of a simple shepherd.

A few years ago, Doctor Oliver Sacks, famed neurologist and author, documented a terrible amnesia case in an eminent musician and musicologist. Two miracles transcended his amnesia: the love for his wife, and his music.

What does all of this teach us about happiness, celebrating, and drawing upon our spirited ability to play our eternal music and everlasting divine song?

It teaches us that each of us has within the DNA of our souls an enormous power – the power of music, the power of our unique song. And on Sukkot we have the ability to release this song from its trappings, and find happiness despite our challenges.


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