Terumah: From Role Model to Super Model



Let me ask you a question: Do you look like a supermodel? No? Well, would you like to? 

Do you ever feel as if there is dissonance between who you really are inside and how you appear to the outside world? 

There are models and then there are supermodels. In our superficial world we often worship the external supermodel – that which appeals to our eyes. But in this week’s Torah reading we learn the nature of the true super model, which is also the best role model we can find. 

Supermodels are beautiful creatures. What makes the supermodel beautiful is the balanced structure of his or her features, the way the different elements of the person blend and harmonize with one another and appeal to the eye.

And even if most of us don’t feel that we qualify for that label, the truth is that every single human being is a supermodel, structured in a beautiful and symmetrical way. 

The key to revealing the beauty is to know the structure, so that we can build our own on that model. And we know the structure by looking at the first model (or template) as it is described in the Torah, in Parshat Trumah

Studying the architectural dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant and realizing that we each are Arks in our own right, can help us apply these dimensions to our personal selves and to our everyday lives. This also helps us achieve true joy (as we enter the first of two months of Adar). 

Hint: With the Winter Olympics in Sochi approaching, it’s all about the Gold!


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