Terumah: The Two Jesters: Is There a Secret to Joy?



We are all aware of the ill effects that sadness has on us. But do we know the full extent of its impact on our lives? How does it affect our health, our choices and our coping mechanisms? What other consequences – conscious or unconscious – does a despondent life have?

This, of course, leads us to the converse question: How does joy affect our lives? How important is it to our health and well-being? How would our lives be different if we were full of joy and happiness? Did you know that Jews have as many words for joy in Hebrew as the Eskimos have for snow?

We all have impediments in life that don’t allow us to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. What would you give for a proven method to eliminate obstructions and unclog the blocks in our lives?

This past week we have entered the month of Adar, when we increase in joy. Apropos, a cryptic Talmudic story of two jesters and its psychological and mystical meaning offers us a revolutionary approach to joy. It explains how joy unblocks impediments, allowing us to access our deepest resources and enabling us to connect to our true inner selves.

These concepts are illustrated with two real life stories of people who changed themselves and inspired others by embracing joy.


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