The Power of Gratitude in an Ungrateful World



We are all seeking ways to become healthier and more productive human beings; searching for the key to loving and sustainable relationships, answers to finding deeper purpose in our lives, and methods to help us live up to our full potential. Often, the secret to achieving such fulfillment is right in front of us, presented to us by our daily life and society. We only need to notice and tap into these messages surrounding us.

Thanksgiving offers us one such vital lesson. It’s a good time to ask ourselves: is this holiday anything more than simply turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie? Sitting around with family and football and food… While this all sounds fun and delicious, Thanksgiving presents us with something far far more.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson to discuss the powerful message of Thanksgiving, a message that provides us with a most necessary and fundamental tool in life: the tool of gratitude. Thankfulness is far more than being nice and civil. It carries the secret to personal and global transformation. Gratitude is the antidote to the very core of ego and self interest; it manifests the essential purpose of existence: To illuminate a dark universe, to refine a hostile environment, to bring goodness and kindness to a unkind culture and gratefulness to an ungrateful world.


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