The Third Option



When faced with a dilemma do you usually find yourself stuck between two stark options – yes or no, right or wrong, hold or fold, proceed or retreat? Do you tend to look at things in black and white? Or in extremes? Do you see people in terms of being either friend or foe? When someone hurts you, do you write them off? When you run into an obstacle, do you easily give up?

So often, we only see two options before us. Whether this is due to social conditioning or lack of training,  this myopic view on life — that things are either good or bad — can seriously limit us from achieving our goals and beyond, as well as impede the great potential in our lives and our relationships.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating presentation, which offers a new approach to dealing with virtually every challenge and confrontation in life. We shall call it The Third Option — one that looks beyond the immediate and the obvious two dimensional perspective,  and finds a third way to see things. This third option is based on the Kabbalistic concept of the third path, which both transcends and synthesizes the first two paths, and opens us up to new vistas and horizons. Through the lens of The Third Option you will discover new possibilities in every life situation — from dealing with conflicts to building healthy and sustainable relationships.


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