Toward a Meaningful Purim: Purim Insights



37 Kernels — short and inspirational thoughts and vignettes, which you can easily use and intersperse throughout your Purim activities and festivities: Before or after the Megillah reading, at the Purim feast, or any other time you see fit.
  • Uncanny parallels between Purim then and now — offering perspectives and lessons on the current upheavals in the Middle East and other contemporary issues.
  • Who’s Who of the Megillah: A spiritual and psychological profile of the characters of the Megillah as archetypes 1) of the cosmic order, 2) of players on the global stage today. 3) of our own personal psyches.
  • What’s What in the Megillah: The inner/personal applications of some of the Megillah narrative.
  • Purim and the power of children.


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