Toward a Meaningful Three Weeks



A Personal and Spiritual guide to Bain Ha’Mitzarim — the Three Weeks and the Nine Days
By Simon Jacobson

Loaded with material — Excellent for all your classes, discussions, lectures and sermons during the Three Weeks

One of the Rebbe’s revolutionary chidushim revolves around this time of year. The Rebbe showed us how the upcoming Three Weeks – traditionally a time of mourning and grief – contain enormous reservoirs of light, joy and redemption. Citing the prophet Yirmiyahu, I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them and make them rejoice from their sorrow, the Rebbe taught us how these days ought to motivate us to increase in all our good efforts, and how the negativity of this period can propel us to unprecedented heights.

As a resource to maximize the Rebbe’s approach and directives for “bain ha’mitzarim,” we are pleased to offer you this new guide, which promises to help you energize, inspire and motivate your community in the Three Weeks, and utilize this unique time to the fullest in helping bring the geulah.

  1. What are the Three Weeks?
    • Is this a “bad” time?
    • Transforming darkness into light, pain into joy
  2. Laws and Customs
    • The Rebbe’s Directives: Transforming These Days into Joyous Ones
  3. Torah Chapters of the Three Weeks
  4. The Kabbalah and Psychology of the Three Weeks
  5. Shabbos Chazon – Shabbos of Vision
  6. The Kabbalah and Psychology of Tisha B’Av
  7. Jerusalem Under Siege – Then and Now


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