What a Good and Sweet Year Means



We all want a good life. But what does “good” mean? Does it signify anything more than a platitude? The traditional New Year greeting is to be blessed with a “good and sweet year.” What is the difference between “good” and “sweet’? Why are these specific terms used?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson is this pre-Rosh Hashana talk and discover how the two dimensions of “good and sweet” capture the primary thing we are all looking for: A year of abundance and blessings in all matters, material and spiritual, all in good health. A year of life and joy, filled with nachas (pride and gratification) from yourself, your family and your children. A year of having the humility and gratitude to appreciate your gifts, and the strength and courage to face your challenges. Learn what you can do to help manifest a good and sweet year, allowing you to actualize your greatest potential and build healthy and successful relationships.


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