Will the 21st Century bring World Peace
[Parshat Shemini]



In contrast to the first half of the 20th century — which was the bloodiest period in human history, with over 100 million people killed in the two World Wars — the second half of the 20th century was an unprecedented peaceful time. But with the onset of the  21st century it seems like we are entering a new era. Just at the dawnbreak of this century, on 9-11 2001, we were rudely awakened to a war — albeit a new type of war — being waged by Muslim fundamentalism against the West, which only seems to be accelerating as the years roll on. The growing attacks in Europe and in Israel are clearly not sporadic and random. A pattern is emerging of a relentless assault on the free world as we know it. So it’s fair — nay, necessary — to ask: What will this century bring — world war or world peace?

Much can be learned about today’s events from events in the past. Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Nissan workshop as he takes us back in time to the roots of today’s battles, traces them to our present day and age, and discovers trends that can help us understand the forces at work that are shaping the conflicts of our times. And above all — learn what we can do about it to ensure that this century will herald in true and lasting world peace.


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[Parshat Shemini]”

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