Do You Know How to Go Beyond Yourself?
[Parshat Tzav]



Are you your own worst enemy? Despite its bad reputation self-interest is the force within us that protects us from harm. Even denial serves an important function in buffering us from certain trauma and shock. But what happens when our own subjectivity blinds us from seeing the truth? How can we get beyond our personal biases and prejudices? It’s much easier to fight an outside enemy than the enemy within. What can you do to prevent yourself from becoming your own worst enemy?

Purim provides the answer! Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this “intoxicating” Purim workshop and discover how this festival contains the secret of getting beyond yourself and your blind spots. Learn how Purim provides you with surprising tools to access the core of your psyche, which lays beyond your conventional structures and parameters, beyond your subjective interests and personal agendas — to reach a place and time beyond place and time, and to come back and tell about it, to return and integrate the beyond into the present.


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[Parshat Tzav]”

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