Yitro: Woman: The Hidden Foundation



What is invisible but invincible? Why was Moses instructed to speak first to the women and then to the men in preparation to Mattan Torah?

The answer reveals for us the powerful feminine mystique – the invisible but invincible power of women in Judaism and in life. As such, they serve as the foundation to Sinai and to all of existence, charged with modeling to the world how to fulfill the purpose of life.

This sermon examines the very meaning of “foundation” – as evidenced by the first commandment of the Ten Commandments (Anochi), which contains the other nine within it and indeed the entire Torah.

Who controls a structure? The one who occupies all its floors and rooms, or the one who has access to the foundation? Who has more impact on an audience – the person with a louder voice, better jokes, smoother language, or the one who touches the heart of the listeners? Who has more impact on a child – the one who can command and drive fear into a child’s heart, or the one who gains the child’s trust and confidence with love and care?

There are people who know the price of everything but the value of nothing. In contrast to the superficial and the artificial, Anochi – and women – teach us the secret of touching the essence: When you grasp even a very small part of it, you grasp it all.

Included are several inspirational stories about the wisdom of women and about their role in bringing about the final Redemption.


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