Yitro: Are You Having Trouble Communicating?



Do you often feel that you are not getting through to others? That people are just not getting you and what you’re trying to say? Is the problem with you or with them?

Why is it that a brilliant scholar and orator may convey a profound idea that doesn’t resonate with his listeners, while another far less erudite person may communicate a thought that is not as cerebral, but resonates with his audience?

The answer – and the secret to all communication – lays in one word: an unusual four-letter word which opens up the most famous statement ever uttered in all of history, the Ten Commandments (the subject of this week’s Torah reading). The word is Anochi, which means “I,” referring to God – “I, the Lord Your God took you out of Egypt…”

But why the unusual form Anochi? The more common Hebrew pronoun for “I” is Ani?

This one word captures the meaning of true communication, which is not merely the process of conveying messages, ideas and feelings. It is about creating a relationship, a connection and bond between those communicating with each other.

Discover how communication problems are not solved by acquiring a better smart phone. They are not solved by looking outward, but by looking inward.


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