Yom Kippur/Kol Nidrei: Post-It Notes: Messages that Stick



What can Post-It Notes teach us about Kol Nidrei?


Within those sticky (but not too sticky) canary yellow, 3×3-inch squares lies the deepest secret of Yom Kippur and of our unique adhesive connection to God.

Using the Post-Its metaphor, this sermon will explore the reason we begin the holiest day of the year with Kol Nidrei, the nullification of all commitments, when in fact commitment would seem to be the thing we want to strengthen, not nullify.

It will also examine a heartbreakingly beautiful lyric from a world-class Jewish poet and songwriter, Leonard Cohen (not coincidentally carrying the name of a Jewish priest) in order to get across a thing or two about cracks, tablets and glue.

By exploring how the deepest truths are sometimes discovered “by mistake,” this sermon will inspire your community to find God and holiness even in the most broken fragments of life.


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