Seven Ways to Overcome Fear of Commitment


“He has fear of commitment.”

“She’s afraid to commit.”

What if you are the one with the fear of commitment? What if fear of commitment is stopping you from leading a fulfilling life and having the kind of close relationships that you (deep down) truly want?

The following seven steps are the spiritual steps you need to take in order to get over your fear of commitment. They will require time, perseverance, and introspection to take, but your work will be worth it.

Step One: Work On Lovingkindness

A neutral or indifferent attitude = a marginal commitment.

You can’t commit to someone or something you don’t love. If you have trouble making commitments, examine how much you love the person you mean to commit to. If you cannot commit to a relationship, you need to work on bringing love into that relationship. And perhaps if you cannot commit, you are not truly in a loving relationship. Express kindness and love to your beloved in order to create the love necessary for commitment.

Step Two: Focus Your Commitment

Focus your commitment by focusing on commitment. Commitment must be directed toward a goal. How could you be tenacious without a goal? If you want to be in a committed relationship, the relationship must have a goal beyond itself, a Divine goal. Focus on that goal. Also, have you been tenaciousness in avoiding commitment? Examine the ways in which you have manifested your focus on avoiding commitment. Rectify them.

Step Three: Cultivate Your Empathy

Commitment means helping another grow. Commitment is an act of empathy. Commitment means being gracious when things get difficult. In order to overcome a fear of commitment, you must work on your emotional attribute of empathy. A committed relationship is one in which both partners are patient with each other, as well as patient with the relationship. If you are afraid of commitment, work on cultivating patience and empathy within yourself.

Step Four: Stop Enduring Your Fear Of Commitment

If you have fear of commitment, you need to stop enduring it.

You don’t have to endure fear of commitment. If you have an emotional problem, you can change it. You have holiness, Divinity, and power within you. Use that power to change. You are not stuck with fear of commitment. You must transcend your fear of being trapped and instead focus on adding the dimension of purpose to your relationship.

Step Five: Work On Flexibility

Commitment takes flexibility and it takes humility. Do you know when to yield? Perhaps you are afraid of commitment because you know that yielding is a fundamental part of maintaining a long-term relationship. What if yielding weren’t so hard for you? What if yielding came naturally to you? What if you saw humility as a source of strength and connection instead of an assault on your ego?

Step Six: Bond With The Person You Want To Commit To

In order to commit, you must bond. Bonding is an expression of commitment as much as it is a component of it. Bonding is necessary for a commitment to endure. Bonding establishes trust, confidence, and devotion. Commitment is attachment. Become better at attaching yourself to others and you will become better at committing.

Step Seven: Fight For Commitment

Express the majesty of human spirit through commitment.

Commitment is holy. Commitment is majestic. Commitment is dignified. Commitment brings Heaven down to Earth. If you want it, you have to fight for it. Your relationships matter. You matter. In a committed relationship, both you and your partner should feel like royalty. Improve your sense of dignity and majesty and you are well on your way to overcoming fear of commitment.


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