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Spiritual Meaning of Snow

spiritual meaning of snow

Nothing is as it appears. What lies beneath the enchanting snowflakes floating gently from heaven to earth? From whence do these white angels originate? Is this heaven speaking to us?

Mysticism teaches that everything in the physical universe has a spiritual counterpart.  Just as a teardrop is a manifestation of human emotion, and anger is an expression of repressed energy, so physical phenomena actually evolve from and are a manifestation of a spiritual reality. Thus snow is a channel of energy, it is a Divine voice speaking to us through visual imagery so that we can experience it with our bodily senses.

Meteorologist may perceive snow to be a result of pressure systems and precipitation levels; physicist will recognize the subatomic particles that create snow; but the mystic sees the cosmic energy that snow manifests and the facets of our psyche that it illuminates.

Let us explore the spirit within the snow.

Water in all its forms is a symbol of knowledge. Descending water represents the transmission of knowledge from a higher to a lower place, the flow of information from teacher to student. On a cosmic level, rain and snow reflect different ways in which divine energy flows to us from a higher spiritual plane.

Water flowing downward thus describes G-d’s way of transmitting His energy to us and represents the conduit through which our material existence and G-d interact. The purpose of existence is to create unity between G-d and man, so that we, in our limited, material existence can become integrated and unified in an intimate and equal relationship with G-d. To achieve this neither the Divine nor the human can be compromised. Unity achieved on G-d’s terms would annihilate our identities, our existence. Can we (our egos, vanities, and needs) co-exist with G-d who is infinite, uncontained and undefined? And unity attained on our material, finite terms would compromise G-d, because He would have to limit Himself to our existence.

If water – the divine wisdom – were to flow continuously, it would totally submerge and obliterate, not allowing space for any other existence. So water flows in various measures to allow for the transmission to be internalized. Sometimes water flows as rain and sometimes it freezes to different degrees producing snow, hail or sleet, which are all metaphors for the teacher monitoring and transforming the flow into forms that the student can contain and assimilate.

Rain is a transmission that is more on Divine terms. Admittedly it falls in drops which symbolizes some level of contraction, but it flows continuously like a stream of information retaining its fluidity and it is absorbed quickly into the earth.

Ice on the other hand, is a transmission that is more on the recipient’s terms. The information has solidified into a compact state so that the student can internalize it. The flow has ceased and turned into a solid form, so the student is not overwhelmed by the continuous flow of new ideas.

Snow is an intermediary state between fluid water and solid ice. In order to appreciate the spiritual implications of this, we need to examine the properties of snow.

A snowflake needs at least two components in order to form. In addition obviously to cold air, it requires water droplets (vapor), and a nucleus. The nucleus is made up of dust, minerals or other microscopic particles in the air. A snowflake is formed when water takes shape around these microscopic particles and the cold air turns it into ice crystals. Thus snow has two components: water and earth – earth being the particles, and the water being the droplets. Earth is the material world – without any recognition of G-dliness; water is the knowledge of G-d – divine energy without any containers. Thus snow, being half heaven and half earth provides the perfect intermediary between these two worlds.

Snow consists of separate snowflakes that are actually independent properties – each comprised of about 100 ice crystals. Snowflakes cling to each other but they are not intrinsically one. In contrast, water is one unified entity. Although it consists of droplets, each drop joins with another and they become one body of water. What is the symbolism of this in the flow of knowledge?

When a teacher has to reach out to a student who is far beneath his or her level of knowledge and understanding, he or she cannot allow the water to just flow freely, it has to be dressed up in metaphors and it has to be paced. In order for the student to understand a new concept, the teacher needs to create a point of reference by using examples, anecdotes, stories, and analogies. Thus snowflakes represent the need to explain gradually, step by step, in a language that is accessible to the student.

Snow falls gently and silently, teaching us in our own process of educating others and educating ourselves, that we need gentleness. If we educate with a sledgehammer – with unceasing rain pour – it will simply submerge and destroy the crops. Even when it rains on earth, science tells us that on a higher level, the beginning process could have originated in snowflakes. So snowflakes are a symbol of that first gentle step.

Who has not been awed by the beauty of the city or countryside covered in snow? The serenity and whiteness of snow attracts us. We sense the purity of snow when we wake up in the morning and the streets, which are so often filled with grime, are all covered with a white blanket of snow. Snow is a great equalizer – no matter how big the building, or the car, whether a Lexus or a Hyundai, they’re all covered equally by the snow. Snow has the ability to cover over the impurities of life and remind us of our own purity.

So snow is heaven speaking to us – speaking to us through purity, speaking to us gently and gradually on our terms. Snow is the intermediary stage between heaven and earth; ice is a little closer to the level of earth; sleet is in between snow and ice. Thus every weather condition sends us a message and lesson –  whether it’s rain, snow, ice, sleet or hail.

Ultimately, the intention is that the snow should melt and turn to water. Once the snow falls and blocks our driveways and streets, we want it to melt. In the education process the student needs to pause which requires a freezing of the water, but then at some point it has to melt and integrate into our system in order for us to grow.


The idea of educating through metaphor is further expressed through the numerical secret of snow.  The gematria (numerical equivalent) of the Hebrew word sheleg (snow) is 333 (shin=300, lamed=30, gimmel=3). It says in Kabbalah that sheleg is the gematria of three times the letter alef. When you spell out the letter alef, it is 111. (Alef, lamed, and fei is 1+30+80=111.) So 111 times 3 is 333 which is sheleg.

What is the significance? The verse states, “Vayidaber Melech Shlomo shaloshes alafim moshel – King Solomon, (the wise one) spoke in 3,000 metaphors.” The number 3,000, three elefs (elef is one thousand), is snow. (The letter alef also refers to the word elef, 1,000.) So snow relates to the concept of three thousand metaphors.

What’s the relationship between the two? Sheleg, snow, is the concept of metaphor itself. The spiritual dimension of snow serves as an intermediary between Divine energy and the universe. Snow is the concept of explaining knowledge in metaphor. Its cosmic significance is this: To understand the process of how G-d created the universe, G-d could not allow the borders of divinity and spirituality to just flow ceaselessly and annihilate the boundaries of existence. G-d had to contain it, and the way He contained it is reflected in snow.

The mystique of snow is precisely because of its dual quality of heaven meeting earth, water meeting land. Next time you look at the snowflakes gently dropping from heaven, blanketing earth in its white embrace, remember that you are witnessing a kiss – the kiss of the Divine and the mundane.


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55 Responses to “Spiritual Meaning of Snow”

  1. Lexi Penner

    I was on a major search for the meaning of snow. Mainly because, the day I was born, there was snow, and the day I was taken out of the hospital to go home, there was a blizzard.
    Thank you, I honor you for this article. But if there’s a truly different meaning to being born in days of snow, I would like to know.

  2. Mulantis

    WOW. ^_^ I came upon this gift after having a dream this morning of being surrounded by a lot of snow, so I feel very grateful.

    This profound, heartfelt, spiritual interpretation of snow deeply moved me on all levels of my being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    While reading this, I also received an insight that snow is symbolic of the merging of God (earth, like God) and Goddess (water, like Goddess) within us.

    Thank you so much for Being an invaluable gift to your Multidimensional self (earthly and otherworldly physical selves)/Self (Source: Soul/Spirit within) and interconnected Life.


    Had a dream of 3 exactly 3 snowflakes falling. Confirmation. ????????

  4. S.Thomas

    I was so moved and blessed by this article that it actually brought me to tears. I found this during my quest to find the meaning of a rather profound dream I had two nights ago. I can’t help but believe that there is a message from the LORD in it but what???

    My dream starts with my sister and her family rushing to my house seeking shelter from a tornado that was oddly ravishing her home before our eyes on a sunny day. It was really thin and tall and moving towards us but then veered off. Moments afterwards we were outside and I looked up at the very turbulent sky and saw three signs. The second sign was a small cluster of music notes. There were about three very dark black music notes that were so dark that they almost appeared to be illuminated against the gray cloudy background. To the right of the music notes were huge snowflakes. They were not made up of the usual frozen particles but they looked as thought they had been intricately carved out of the storm clouds. Though they were made up of the same storm clouds, they were not threatening at all. They, to the contrary, appeared very beautiful and mesmerizing. True to snowflake characteristic, they were each unique and somehow gently commanded my attention. The interesting part of the dream is there was a third item in the sky. The third item actually appeared first in my dream. Not only did the LORD show it to me first but it was also first (from-left-to-right) in its sequence in the sky. This item was shown to me in the dream but for the life of me, I can not remember it. I am still trying to figure out the meaning of the whole thing. Any revelations???

  5. Lois Maute

    Very good blog,thank so much for your time in writing the posts.

  6. Erin

    Had dream me and my brother felt like we were young kids again outside in snow in driveway playing etc but in dream we were buried alive in snow what means?.

  7. Zion

    Being born Upstate New York and living all my young adult life til OMG 33 in Niagra Falls and Canada , so many beautiful memories as one said ‘PERFECTLY ‘ on this thread …I soooo remember the snow angels and walking in waist deep SNOW all over Buffalo and LOVING IT , the winters TOBOGGANING down HIGH mountain hills
    OMG~Oh My Goodness 😉 is to much for me to MISS any longer returning HOME TO MY SNOW I MISS SO MUCH …Which I certainly DO BELIEVE is a Glistening NEW FRESH BEGINNING FOR ME . The heat factor has a lot to do with decision when climate changing so much now til some cold freeze hugs that got you through is being replaced with MORE VERY UNWELCOMED HEAT ! I will take the snow any day over this and realizing a Divine Appointment By YAH brought me here to remind me some of us are just not meant for negative warmth of ALL YEAR ROUND FROWN 🙁

  8. sal

    my mother died from cancer a year ago the day as i was walking out my cousins house to go to my house cus it was late about 12;30 am as i was walking i saw an orb floating 6 feet from the ground at first i thought it was a light bulb that fell from his house or light pole til it started floating towards me and i was getting nervous and excited at the same time, it was solid colored like a star and the size of a baseball as it got in front of my face i was frozen couldnt move at all just could move my eyes, it felt so peaceful then all of a sudden it turned transparent the outerlighting of the circle was visible and in ther center there was a black line running from top to bottom and i clearly saw the line spin and a snowflake was starting to become visible then stopped and it was a snowflake it was so beautiful, when all this was happening my best friend was calling out my name and i can hear her say what is going on are you ok, and she was also calling my cousin with a scared voice come look at sal hes scaring me hes not moving, at that moment i knew that i wasnt just seeing things or dreaming and it was real, i also saw on another website and found out that a snowflake represents contract from heaven to earth and also in hebrew numerology it defines 7 numbers which are 111-30-80 and my birthday is november 30 1980 11-30-80 wow how weird is that, thasnk you anybody who read this.

  9. Phyllis

    I dreamed of snow blowing the snow turned into different patterns and into angels. So beautiful

  10. […] months ago I came across an article on snow and a few metaphors it represents. There are some pretty neat insights that can be learned […]

  11. Robin

    I think I would have appreciated the article more if God wasn’t scored out of it by writing G-d.

  12. sky

    To lose a loved one is never easy and people go through this pain in different ways.
    Ilost my mother few years, we were very very close so it made it difficult for
    me to let go. i was in pain physically, i missed her so much it started affecting my
    personal life, work and family.
    My husband was scared because i was depress as hell, He came across a man that is
    that practice divination, reincarnation etc…..
    My husband employed is service, and it works! i saw my mother in my dreams it felt real.
    i started feeling better, my husbad asked me if it was okay to reincarnate my mother,i didn’t knew
    it was possible…. so we tried it and it works. I gave birth to twin and they bother have my mother
    qualities and character. I am still amazed that is why i am recommending him to others who desperately
    needs is services like me.
    you can reach him yourself…….
    You will thank me later it’s a promise.

  13. Vickie

    God is great; God is Good from noun to verb G-d

  14. Annie hames

    So blessed with the meaning what does snow mean in the Bible? We just had a big snow fall here in our city it came on Wednesday it’s Wednesday again we had sun to shine everyday everywhere you look it’s gone but on my front porch there are 3 broken pieces left look like white cotton very small no one has touched it going in or out of the house just wanted to know what it means in Bible meaning. Thanks so much for this you made my day great !!! Needing to know !!! Annie

  15. Jaya

    Loved it….beautiful to share such divine knowledge

  16. kathy

    I came across this article because I had a dream of looking outside a window and it was starting to snow (not during winter time) the snow started to form snowflakes and they were getting larger and larger so much you could see the intricacy of each snowflake. This is a wonderful article on snow, I will remember it, however I will have to see what this dream entails.

    By the way I am wondering why you spell GOD G-d, he is the source, our creator, names should be spelt in full.

  17. Ruth

    Thank you so much am so touch bout snow you have answered me God bless you

  18. Olga

    My son was murdered on December 6, 2015. At the cemetery, when the preacher was speaking,the wind was blowing bitter cold when all of a sudden huge snowflakes began to blow across where we were standing. It continued for a while until my son was put under. I have often wondered what that meant or if there was a spiritual meaning from God!!!

  19. Sandra

    A kiss from the divine……… My dad passed away in the month of March! My mom passed away in the month of November! It snowed on the day of their funerals!

  20. Alyona

    Hello, does anyone knew what it means, when a person actually have ability in real life to see in third dimension falling snow, rain, or small hail? What actually does it means?
    Any help, greatly appreciated.

  21. Finwedo Wainis

    2017,star out freshey,almost a year I’m starting to be more understanding and more wiser being a CHRISTIAN. ..and today it’s the third round getting SNOW around in Portland Oregon, waaaw ,meaningful life center . grateful to be more focus….SNOW

  22. Linda

    I loved this article. I had a dream that I was looking out of a big window and it was snowing a lot. As I watched the snow fall it seemed to slow down and I could make out individual snowflakes and each one was detailed and different. I was just mesmerized by their beauty. The snowflakes started coming down slower and slower and were getting larger and larger until finally only one big snowflake hung in the air and stayed there. I kept looking at it and I thought for a moment I could make out the outline of a face but not really. Then I heard a voice say to me that my prayers were heard and I would receive the answers to them in due time. I had been praying a lot at this time asking G-d to give me guidance and courage. Little did I know at the time that I was going to need a lot of both when my husband was suddenly faced with a life or death situation; I faced this crisis with courage and knew in my heart that however things worked out I would be all right because he told me so through a snowflake…..

  23. agnes

    the article reminded me of my teacher
    who was also my very good freind.whom i will want throughout my life. i really love him……

  24. Ryan

    I have recently come to the thinking that snow is a sign of sanctity of life. As it preserves and nourishes living things. I think of snow as a very symbolic thing.

  25. Imbydesign

    In my last sentence I meant another perspective.
    Spellcheck LOL

  26. Imbydesign

    I don’t normally comment about my feelings online, however I must say that reading the information on snowflakes is so profound and powerful for me spiritually I have to share why I was seeking this knowledge. I had a dream when I was eleven years old that I have never forgotten. I lived in Southern California and attended Russell Elementary School; (real life). In my dream I was on the playground with a lot of other kids when they all suddenly disappeared and I was alone. It then started to snow and these huge beautiful snowflakes were following From the sky all around me. A brilliant light that even as a child I knew instinctively it was GOD came down in front of me. The light was so bright similar to the Sun was somehow attached to a huge Cross, I immediately dropped to my knees and started praying. I than awakened and went to tell my Mother and Great-Grandmother about the dream. Here I am many decades later Finally, coming to a full understanding of what my Great-Grandmother told me all those years ago; she said “you’ve been chosen” I could go on and on, however I will just say thank you so much for giving me a mother perspective on divine truth!

  27. Robina

    Major snow storm on the east coast they’re calling it Jonah . wow I hardly know where to begin. I knew snow is very significant in the Bible . hail also god used it as one of the 7 plagues. What I found fascincinating was the numerical value of the word snow. The number 333 has always had special meaning to me I was had a beautiful heirloom given to me by my mother it was a ring my brother had made for her in Turkey when he was stationed their during Vietnam he had a match made for himself. Anyway I hwas given a car not just any car a BMW by a friend and some how I knew that she was going to give me something didn’t know it was a car . so I can’t say I was surprised but one day in my prayer time I was praying that I wish I could do something for her and I heard in my spirit give her your ring . I knew it was god speaking to me because I also heard him say give it to her on 333. It was the 3 month the 3 day and their was 2003. My point Is God is speaking something is this major storm if you listen with your heart you will hear it clearly know one can say no to god just ask pharaoh we know it didn’t go well for him . thanks for the article Iam truly blessed.

  28. Dora

    To those of you who are thirsty to see with your own eyes photographic evidence of the power of Love on snow crystal, please search the internet for this amaxing Japanese man – Masaru Emoto. My favorite books from him are – “Heal Thyself” and “Hidden Messages from Water”.

    Wishing you all a very happy 2016!

  29. Kay

    I signed up today and am trying to get the whole article of the spiritual meaning of snow but am unable to get the article. Please help

  30. Snow and Ice

    I was surprised to read such articles.
    I was not aware there would be any relevant documentation on snow and ice.
    I was wrong.

    I pray, I plead for knowledge/clarity/comfort in this mind of mine.
    Thank you, G-d
    Thank you, all.

  31. snow

    Thank you so much for this cosmic explanation of snow. Last night I dreamt of snow covering every part of where I was living and your article gave a clear and precise explanation that truly resonated with me and what is taking place in my reality at the present time. Thank you so much for this confirmation.

  32. Amanda

    I think snow was heaven speaking. I believe my mom is in heaven and from there she and God sent snow for me to know she is with Him now.

  33. The day of the snow moon is on my birthday, does this mean anything? Or just postive omen?

  34. Jeannie

    This kiss was for my soul knowledge. Thank you for helping me move from the mundane with grace filled understanding.

  35. Madison

    *Snow reminds me of new beginnings*Family & loved ones*Old memories*That hot cup of hot chocolate after making snow angels*The fire place at our family cabin in Colorado*Christmas*The difference in our lifes between past & present*

  36. THank you. Always curious how snow was made. Also I dreamt I was flying in a gentle snow fall. I am starting something new in my life.I know now i am on a god guided path.

  37. Eileen Moore

    This explanation on snow was excellent. I have been having dream on snow falling. Thank you!

  38. cinnamonb

    Thanks for the lovely article. Im a retired educator, so I naturally related to it. I stumbled onto it because I was needing a way in for the title of a poem I wrote involving snow. Your article certainly did help me get the right title.

  39. Jennifer Ashley

    Hello there 🙂 a few days ago, i dreamt that my fiance and i were standing outside and noticed a large white and blue snowflake falling ftom the sky. We live in florida, which is funny bc it never snows, so in my dream i actually remember that we knew we were witnessing a miracle bc it just diesnt snow here. So in the dream, we both instantly ran over to see this snowflake so we fell to the ground on our knees as we watched it gently float down right before us. It was breathtakingly beautiful, like a frosty white and blue color that was shimmery! We watched it closely, as it seemed like it only lasted seconds, and then it gently landed softly on the melted and then i woke up 🙂 i feel honored to have seen it 😉

  40. Lee Cyndi

    Snow is a reflection of Paradise and the message from the Divine. Beautiful! It seems like you received this Knowledge from In The Light of Truth, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin (especially since you wrote G-d to keep His Name Sacred)!


    Thank you so much sir. I love this. God Bless.

  42. Kelo

    Just so perfect.

    Because my cup is so large and thirst overwhelming in my excitement I tend to pour out (sledgehammer) the knowledge divinely imparted to other who do not have the wineskins to recieve. Though it is given grace fully but not in the proper story. I can barely contain it myself and must be mindful.

    So in snow I will poetically go.

  43. Amanda

    Really appreciated that insight. Made me look at things a bit different. Not just in dreams but reality as well.

  44. Bernice

    Thank you, I grew from this knowledge in this years first snow storm. I now have a new perspective. Forever grateful!

  45. Marz

    From my experience, seeing snow, pixelated visuals, moving air molecules, static, or anything of the like is the first stage in 3rd eye awakening. It appears to help one trance into the formless void of space, but as it does this, also awakens you to subtle dimensions of reality that are not normally seen. In my experience, this first stage occurs usually for those that are philosophically or spiritually engaged with the mystery of life. Thus star-gazing is helpful, deep penetrative thought, and visual-arts that allow one to stare contemplatively into inner and outer space.
    The next stage, at least for myself, was noticing that small lights in dark areas, especially in the bedroom (like a smoke alarm light) can move through the visual field. Its interesting that at first ones psyche believes it is actually doing this, like all of the sudden the smoke alarm light was on a rotating disc, until in ones contemplation at some point, the question arises, why in the world is that stationary light moving through my visual field? In this sense, one cant look at any one light and wait for it to move. Rather, an engagement in contemplation, deep inner consideration, prayer, meditation, or other modes of formless awareness are necessary to spawn these changes. Two practices I recommend for anyone who really wants this to happen is: 1) Sit closely to a mirror and stare at yourself, dead into the souls center of your eyes…I can;t tell you what to expect – youll find out for yourself; 2) Light a candle and watch it flicker, dance, and speak to you through movement [or] if you have a fountain, watch the water drip, merge, and saturate your entire conscious being.
    Unfortunately, for me the third phase in 3rd eye psychic and visual ability required a fairly serious fragmentation of my psyche. Fed up with this world, I really didnt give a damn what society thought was true. Consequently, it was not much of a stretch for subtle realities to begin to appear visually to me. However, I must assume this can also be accomplished through strategic psychadeliic use (such as DMT/Ahyuasca/LSD) and or Tantric-Tibetan-Dzogchen meditations that lead into Yidyam visualization techniques.
    Im available if anyone has questions.

  46. Marie

    Thank your for your interpretation about snowflakes dreaming.
    I was thrilled with your explanation…It serve a purpose beyond words can describes what you really touch me on how to see the beauty and spiritual awake with snowflakes.
    I am very thankful to your dicerniment. I humbled thank you and appreciate very much what I have learned from you!
    Love and Peace,

  47. carol

    Thank you for this excellent article on the spiritual significance of snow. I had a dream recently where one large snowflake fell to the ground, and was spellbound by it. It was huge. A friend suggested it referred to the imminent birth of our first grandchild. As two ice/snow dreams in recent weeks have proceeded it, it is worth contemplating. I like to think it has many layers to its meaning, and you have given me much to mull over. Thank you

  48. Natalie

    Great article. I have been drawn to the beauty of snow and snowflakes for several years now and this article explained to me why that may be. This also introduced some perspectives I had not known before which is wonderful, it is always good to learn something new. However, I was surprised that even though the article is otherwise full of intelligence G-d is referred to as exclusively male… There is no intelligence in blatantly ignoring one half of humanity when describing the divine.

  49. Carol Cooper-Steyn

    I live in South Africa where we rarely see snow. But I dreamt of it last night. In my dream I awoke to beautiful thick snow on the ground and my heart was bursting with joy! I felt, while dreaming, the gentleness that you describe in your article and knew I was being blessed by this dream. So, I decided to look up the spiritual significance of snow and came across your article. It touched me deeply. Thank you.

  50. marrufo

    I have been feeling very spiritual for many years now. its the feeling of purpose, i believe many people or all people feel inside themselves. I really enjoyed your words. thank you so much for makeing me feel good inside; now everything that surounds me is not the feeling i wish i felt. I feel some joy now. All i did was type feeling of water drops on my body. i have been experiencing this lately. My spiritual teacher is a genius according to many people from many different aspects of life. Now i just dont understand why he did that. i have lost that connection with him. i can feel him thinking about me everyday wanting to tell me. I have no teacher and i feel lost. But thanks so much. Purity. i want to purify here !


  51. Thank you. I was curious about symbolism od snowflakes, as I was given a symbol of a snowflake by spirit recently, and I wanted to know what it symbolized on the deepest level. Very helpful.

  52. Dovid S. Polter

    What are your chassidic sources for this inspiring article?

  53. Kayla

    I have always been greatly moved by the song let it rain — I always break down crying when i begin to worship with this song— worship team today sang this song, i felt wet cold drops falling down into my two lifted hands. I was peaceful about it, but the feeling was really cold and windy-like at some points i openned my eyes and looked at my hands, but of course my natural eyes didnt see anything. I originally thought that what I felt was rain, but eventually realized it was wet snow melting almost immediately on my hands— Now, it is all clear,thanks to your website!

  54. Craig

    If Madelyn is the same person who I knew a few years ago (we met at B & N) please contact me


    i was so impressed by the first line which read like poetry…,and the last [the kiss uniting matter and spirit]line the sound scientifics added davincian balance / tifferet. as the flakes of wisdom slowly melted as i reread they melted into deeper comprehension uniting more

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