Two Compelling Reasons to Find a Hobby

find a hobby

While hobbies might be regarded by Western culture as a luxury, they have the potential to be the cornerstone of fulfilling your purpose in life. Pursuing hobbies that bring you joy and give you a sense of holistic satisfaction is never a waste of time. In fact, hobbies can profoundly improve your productivity in all areas of life, and this is why:

Hobbies Bring Out and Develop Your Gifts

You have been blessed with talents and skills for a reason: The world needs you to use them to the greatest extent that you can. To make a unique contribution to life and to illuminate your corner of the world. While we often get stuck doing what we have to do — and not what we prefer to do — to make a living, hobbies bring out and allow us to develop our personal gifts and the interests we gravitate to. Investing time and effort into hobbies strengthens our abilities to give from our hearts in soulful ways. They are the way to be who we truly are, and means of turning our higher selves outward.

Hobbies Help Us to Focus on the Purpose of Our Lives

A company cannot function without a mission statement. Without focus on our personal mission statements, we too can become confused and out of sync. Your dominant interests — the things that bring you the most satisfaction in life — are a vital clue in the search for who you are. Investing time in pursuing hobbies is time that you are investing in your purpose in life. Distractions abound, from technology and entertainment to material success. Your hobbies hold the key to who you are as opposed to what you do. The time you spend on your hobby is time when you are away from all distractions from being your true, highest self.

One Last Thing…

To take your hobbies to the next level, use them for the good. For example: If you are an artist, create art that promotes a higher message. If you are a musician, inspire people with uplifting songs. If you are an athlete, build community through sports. If cooking is your hobby, feed the hungry. Doing good is the link between heaven and earth, and what transforms your hobbies from simply activities that you enjoy to truly transcendent experiences.


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