How to Transcend Deception


Perception is not always reality; sometimes the things we take for granted as “true” are not, especially when it comes to how we perceive ourselves. Our negative life experiences, as well as the media and culture-at-large, give us misinformation about who we are and about what the world is like. The following steps can help you to transcend the state of deception that you might be living in.

Recognize the Falsity Around You

The mere fact that we live in a world in which people can say one thing and mean another demonstrates that the world is inherently a “deceptive” one. In a world of truth two-faced behavior would simply be inconceivable. In a seamless universe, there would be no place for any duplicity.

Half the cure of the disease is knowing that you have it. To free yourself from the shackles of this lying universe, you have to first recognize the falsity around you and not get caught up in it. Every day life is replete with dissonance and deception (intentional or not). Identify them and you are well on your way to freeing yourself and discovering truth.

Focus on Unity and Seamlessness

When an entity is completely aligned with its purpose, there is no dichotomy and no room for disunity. Deception is caused by duality – a result of an entity becoming misaligned and disconnected from its soul, its purpose – its essence.

But therein also begins our search for truth; our search for our inner self. Our seeking out what makes us human and the entire universe tick. Our search for connection — the antithesis and antidote  to disconnection. Because after all is said and done, no matter how duplicitous life can be, there is a voice inside of us that seeks seamlessness and is not at peace with fragmentation and duality. We are disturbed when we are torn apart by scattered agendas. We gravitate to connection and are repelled by disconnection.

Integration resonates with us. Truth resonates; dishonesty does not. We feel at home when we are, well, at home – when all of us, our inside and our outside, is aligned.

Deconstruct Subjective Reality

There are two ways to reach truth: Interpolation or extrapolation. One is through rigorous inquiry in search of reality, looking for glimpses and signs of deeper truths. The other is through the process of elimination: By recognizing the falseness of life and the frailty of existence, by dissecting and deconstructing reality as we perceive it and challenging our very perception or perception itself, we come to discover, by contrast, an alternative, higher reality. And that higher reality introduces a higher unity, which connects and unifies the duality and multiplicity of our lives.

Exercise: Introduce a daily exercise, in which you identify deception in your life. Make a daily list of both your true and false experiences.  Journal about it in your MyMLC journal.

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