Always Look For The Things You Didn’t Plan For

When you have plans, do you stick to them rigidly? Or, do you leave room in your life to notice the magic of the unexpected? In this short video, Rabbi Simon Jacobson discusses the value of fortuitous events — big and small. Discover how to manifest opportunities by paying attention to the things you didn’t plan for.

This is an excerpt from: Can the New Year Actually Change You?

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Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
How To Become a Visionary
Wednesday, August 24, 2022 @8:30pm
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Shaya Lapson
6 years ago

Indeed, I was not planning to comment and here I am. Sometimes we look at the events in the distant past and an aha vision comes to us. I recall certain events from many years ago with amazing clarity and great detail and realize that it was Divine Providence and more so the true reason I remember these events clearly and describe them to my children, is a continuation of this Divine Providence. This is because I allow my mind to “loosen up” and with that humility “travel” back in time and ask why did it happen? It seems harder to always do it with what’s happening now because emotional elements coming in, kind of filling in, and by this limit the level of calm, composed, humble way of assessing what is happening right now. Your short video is very, very instructive
Thank you
Shabbat Shalom

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