Are You Living Up To Your Potential?

There are very few questions that most people would answer the same way. But here is one of them: Are you living up to your potential? Most if not all would answer: No! Why? Because despite the fact that we don’t know how much untapped potential we may have and what that potential may look like (that’s why it’s potential), and no matter how much we may have already accomplished, every one of us senses that we have much more to actualize than we have actualized until now. This is true not just for the underachieved, but even for great achievers. And on the contrary: the more you have accomplished in your life the more you feel how much more there is to accomplish. But how do we begin to realize our enormous potential? What can we do to recognize and actualize hitherto hidden resources? And how do we get by the impediments that block us from realizing out potential?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this Shelach workshop applying the fascinating story of the scouts and their tenuous mission to our challenges today. Discover how this episode carries the secrets of facing hardships, fears and comfort zones, living up to potential, and avoiding lost opportunities. Learn to become the person you are capable of being, not just the person you are.

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