Why You Feel Disconnected From Life

Do you ever feel listless and lost? Feeling as if your life is going nowhere? Lacking a sense of belonging and connection? These are sentiments heard across the spectrum of society. And they seem to only be intensifying as our communication technologies and online social networks accelerate. Ironically, as our hi-tech ability to connect gets more sophisticated we are increasingly losing our inner sense of connection.

Why do we feel so disconnected? What can we do about this predicament? Perhaps we need to step back and take a deeper look at life itself: What makes life tick? Why is connection — aka as love — so important to our lives? What impact — and implications — does a lack of connection and love have on us?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for a journey into the core of our psyches and discover how the very fiber of your being is pulsating with connective energy and love. How the essence of life is about harmony and unity. Learn how to access this connection even when we wander away from our core and feel disconnected from life.

This is particularly significant during this time of the year, called The Three Weeks, when we repair the disconnection and dissonance in our psyches, and find ways to reconnect and reintegrate.

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Gerry from San Diego
7 years ago

Well done, Rabbi Jacobson!

Here I am at 12:17AM, having finished your video. I fell asleep four times during the video. (That says nothing about your video, rather my it speaks to level of exhaustion from the day….. I am an early riser). Each time, I forced myself awake and rolled back the video to before the point at which I lost consciousness. In that way, I completed the global class. That is how I do it most weeks.

I love the stories and jokes that you interspirse. I think it is time for you to rap a book around those jokes and stories, “Everyday wisdom, by Rabbi Simon Jacobson.” Don’t be offended if I call it the Buddhist approach to Jewish mysticism. You are so good at taking deep mystical Jewish concepts and revealing them as icing on a cake, right there for the simple eye to see and delight in.

Mazal Tov on the birth of your grandchild. Enjoy your Aliyah to Israel.

I hope we will meet again, sooner rather than later.

You are a blessing,

Again, Gerry from San Diego, with love and respect.

The Meaningful Life Center