Proof of G-d’s Existence

Can we prove the existence of God? Is God even subject to proof, or is God’s existence simply based on faith? As Austrian-British philosopher of science, Karl Popper, said: a scientific hypothesis must be falsifiable; as such, the statement “God exists” may or may not be true, but, true or not, it is not a scientific hypothesis because it is not susceptible to disproof.

However, if God is not subject to proof, than how do we know God exists? Is it based only on belief?

Perhaps the real questions we have to ask are: What do we mean by God? And what do we mean by proof? The last two-century battle between science and religion seems to pit faith as antithetical to reason, and God as antithetical to proof and logic, suggesting that God and faith have no place in the world of intelligence. But is that indeed the case — does faith contradict reason? Can an intelligent person have a relationship with God?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in a candid and provocative discussion on the meaning of God and God’s role in our modern world. Reb Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev once told a self proclaimed atheist “the God you don’t believe in, I also don’t believe in.” Based on this response, discover a surprising new way of defining God, faith proof, intelligence, logic — offering us a refreshingly new way of looking at God, and the relevance of God in our lives today.

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