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Build the Life You Want


To “build the life you want” sounds simple. Who, after all, doesn’t want to create a desirable life? But it’s not simple at all. First of all, how do you even determine what it is that you “want”? And how do you know that what you want is really good for you and achievable? Even once you define a healthy life goal, how do you actually build such a life? What tools are necessary and how do you keep focused and not distracted by the pressures and demands on you?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he addresses, in his unique style, practical ways to identify what you truly want out of your life, and methods how to implement your wishes. Learn to avoid the most common mistakes people make when looking to build a life they want, and what new approaches you can take to living up to your great potential and possibilities.

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i’ve been following you since 3 years now. you helped me go through some challenging events in my life. Thanks to you i slowly put my life back on the right path. i cleaned my soul, my actions, my thoughts and my entourage. those changes came naturally. i wasnt attracted anymore, i was even repulse by things or people i use to like. not even intentionally. it just became the right thing to do. little by little, layers by layers i washed my soul of the mud. the darkness was covering the darkness and i thought it was light. i… Read more »


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