Kabbalah Theory of Past Lives

Do we have past lives? Were you here before? Do past life experiences impact your current life and personality? Why do some of us have a déjà vu experience when encountering certain people or places? Why do some children appear to be an “old soul” in a new body? is there a way to become more aware of a past life? Where does your soul come from upon birth and where does it go to after death? Does the soul journey on?

The questions go on in our never-ending curiosity about the exotic and unknown, and our quest for understanding what inner secrets lie beneath the surface of our life journey.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he delves into the mystical mysteries of the soul’s journey in this life and in previous lives. Learn the basic “science” of reincarnation — its fundamental principles and its application to our lives today.

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5 years ago

We cannot be the judge of good/bad actions. Sometimes what initially appears to be a bad act is what drives the ‘victim’ to soul search and to grow. Thus what was perceived as bad
was a motivator. In addition, people often act ‘badly’ due to their own hurtful upbringing and thus their internalized identity which was conditioned into them (often by fear and punishment). A lack of education
and understanding causes them to repeat their ‘badness’ until this becomes their defining Self and they are unable to shift. Coming back as per ‘Gilgul’ can only help if they are born
into a different family/society/culture and are provided with the emotional, psychological and spiritual tools to live differently, to be a Light upon the Darkness
Thank you Rabbi Jacobson. I am grateful to your dedication and ongoing spiritual support.

The Meaningful Life Center