Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel: What Is the Kabbalistic Meaning of the Dreidel?

Do you ever feel your life is spinning out of control? Would you prefer that it stopped spinning at all? Hardly! Life is synonymous with movement — the pulsating heart, the rhythmic breath. Yet, we want our flow to be smooth and balanced.

How do we find balance in an erratic life? How do we navigate the shifting vicissitudes of a chaotic world? How do we access light amidst darkness and confusion?

The origin of the Chanukah dreidel — a type of spinning four-sided top played by some on this holiday — is unclear, with some suggesting that it may not even have a source. Yet, in the spirit of divine providence, since this Chanukah game was adopted by many Jews, we can glean lessons from the dreidel (which literally means “a spin”, “spinner” or “spinning” in Yiddish).

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he plumbs the inner dimensions of the Festival of Lights, and uncovers life-altering insights that illuminate our psyches and empower our souls. Learn how to master the “spin” of life, by identifying the four skills necessary in steering your life voyage toward its destiny.

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6 years ago

I miss r program each time I try to log on I tube. It’s cuts me off. Maybe u can help. Ty. Happy Hanukkah

Shoshanna C.
5 years ago

Wonderful podcast! It gives new insight into lighting the menorah and spinning the Dreidel! Many thanks for sharing this lecture!

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