How to Overcome Fear of Success

Theme: Fear of Success

Much has been said about our fear of failure. Indeed, fear is usually associated with concern over defeat and loss. But how about fear of success? Do we undermine our very own interests because we are afraid of what success may bring? Why would anyone even do such a thing? Perhaps this illuminates the deeper roots of fear — not the fear of failure or the fear of success, but the fear of change…

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he explores and dissects the anatomy of fear and courage, and learn about the forces that make you tick. Discover the causes that hold you back from reaching your greatest potential, and develop tools to overcome your resistance and achieve your dreams and aspirations — to become the best you can be.

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Jenny B
5 years ago

Thank you!
That was really great.
You said a lot of things I needed to hear.
Been having an emotional day, can’t seem to shake a flu and possibly hormonal. At age 53, unmarried, no children, unaccomplished, brother & mother conspired to prevent me from my share of my Dads legacy, and now and then all this gets me down. I had every opportunity, Hashem gave me uber potential, and I’ve amounted to nothing, tears make it hard to see letters to type. Always been an outcast. Was so bad in elementary school that the other kids made a club against me. The I hate B club. They all had beautiful art on their desks with B’s for the club. Bucktooth butterball they called me. I had bad teeth. It left me scarred and with a stigma, afraid that people won’t like me. I’m just typing you this cause I’m in tears and maybe it’s good to get it out. I desperately want to achieve some measure of potential. I think your right that I’m stuck in my comfort zone.. your words are so wise and so true and I’m grateful to you. I am an adult but I don’t think I’ve grown up. I think Hashem is giving me an opportunity to make it on my own, and that’s why I didn’t get given what my brother has. I need to take a chance but I can’t seem to focus on a goal.. I should just pick something and not worry if it’s Perfect. I never heard that before, that the enemy of good is perfect.. your lecture inspired me- I still feel stuck but don’t want to be afraid forever, stupid ego blocks me- going to do what you said and try harder, take that scary leap off the diving board. Sorry for the melodrama, just one of those days… This class was a bit of a catharsis.. you really are wonderful! Thank you!

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