What You Can and Cannot Control

Theme: Letting Go of Control

Control. We all would like to have or take control over our lives? But how much do we actually control? How often do we invest in changing things we have no power over, while neglecting that which we have power over?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he addresses this important issue and learn methods how to determine and distinguish between the things you can change and those you can’t. How to focus your energies and time on matters you have control over, and not waste precious strength on that which you cannot control. Imagine the peace of mind and heart you would have if you could know which areas you should be fighting for and which not?

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5 years ago

Thank you Rabbi for giving this lecture tonight. I can see you are under the weather. I’m sorry you are sick and also wishing you a Refua Shelama. Chicken soup! Lots of liquid and rest. While it was noble of you to speak to us tonight, your health is more important. I’ve had some lingering flu like thing too for past few weeks. No fun.
Had a few things that came to mind on the “delicate touch” you asked us to comment on, like the silk from the silk worm.. so I do beadwork with little tiny beads and a long thread. You often have to pull the needle very gently so the thread does not get tangled. Another thought was, I’ve done some paper restoration, where you have to slowly remove an acidic backing paper that’s been glued to art. This is done with a scalpel from behind. You have to do it very carefully so as to cut off the backing paper but not cut through the art. Same with painting restoration.. slowly remove the old varnish and layers of dirt with cotton or q-tips, without removing the paint.

Wishing you a good Thanksgiving. I’m very thankful for your teachings and your books. And wishing that you get well very soon!

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