The Good Thing About Feeling Inferior

Theme: Smallness Is the Essence of Greatness

What possible good can there about feeling inferior?! A negative self attitude is the root of so many human problems. Feelings of inadequacy and insecurity undermine our confidence, they demoralize us and compromise virtually every aspect of our lives. So how can there be anything positive in that? Don’t we all need a healthy sense of self?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he explores the role of ego and humility in our lives, and digs into the very root of the “self.” Should we be ego-less or is it important to have an ego? How do we assure that ego doesn’t turn into arrogance? How do we balance ego and humility? Discover a new take on the self. Learn the secret of true value — that in order to be a true “somebody” you first need to be a true “nobody.”

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David John Hayes
2 years ago

Greetings Rabbi ty in that u as a mentor in my life now means very much in todays challenges. Urteachings bring meaningful purposes that I learn to express to oneanother in a positive direction of G-ds greater good for all thank u again Shalom have a great day. Sincerely David John Hayes😊

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