How to Find Meaning in Your Journey

Is your life made up of many disjointed and fragmented pieces? Or is there a larger narrative that’s unfolding, connecting all the dots and moving parts of your daily life?

Sadly, most of us live our lives from moment to moment, often in survival mode – just getting by and through each day. Some moments are ups, some are downs; and there are twists and turns along the way. But is there an underlying thread between all these seemingly random moments? Where are they leading us?

The secret and truth behind it all is that your life is a journey. Yes, it is a journey with many layers and stops, twists and turns, ups and downs, with winding roads and obstacles in its path. But it is one glorious journey, one majestic narrative that continues to unfold. And you play an active role in the development of the unfolding drama.

Furthermore, your journey — and every leg of it — is rife with meaning. Every step you take, every stop you make, every fork in the road you encounter, every mountain you climb, every valley you traverse — every single moment is brimming with opportunity, filled with potent energy waiting to be released. Every detail has a purpose and is part of a bigger picture.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson on this journey of discovery. Learn how to recognize the journey of your life and its deeper meaning. Discover how to actualize the tremendous potential in every detail of your daily life, which in turn will charge up and change the way you look at yourself and everything you do.

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