World Peace Begins with Inner Peace

When asked, “What would you hope to witness in your lifetime?”, world peace might be the most common — and cliched — response. But what does this really mean on a practical level?  What is the secret to achieving global peace, and how can I, one of billions of people that make up this world, make a difference – or even a slight dent – in achieving this monumental objective?

So many world leaders, thinkers and philosophers – especially in the last century – have been aspiring and seeking all types of methods to create a world that lives in peace. All types of attempts have been made, including the establishment of the United Nations, NATO, ambassadors and diplomatic relations, international alliances and treaties, summit meetings, etc.

And while much progress has been made, there is much more work to be done; though our efforts until now have worked to some extent, the world is far from a place of peace. So what is the secret that has been evading us all this time? Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, it all begins at your doorstep, within you. World peace must begin with inner peace.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson on a journey through psychology and physics demonstrating how our personal lives impact the world around us. Discover what we can do in our internal lives to create harmony and peace inside ourselves and in turn create a ripple — butterfly — effect that brings harmony between spouses, parents and children, families and communities, friends and strangers, and by extension, to the larger world. Despite the diversity of nations, let’s find the harmony within our diversity, the intrinsic bond that connects us all on a deeper level. We are, after all, indispensable parts of one larger mosaic; musical notes in one grand cosmic symphony. And when we find inner peace between our conflicting voices and drives, we bring peace to the world. Because at the end of the day, the billions of people that make up the world are comprised of individuals like you and I. And we will be the change needed in this world

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