The Secret to Healthy Communication

Do you know how to communicate effectively? Are your interactions with people positive and productive or are they critical and draining? Are you able to resolve disagreements and conflicts?

Communication lies at the heart of every relationship in our lives. Personal. Business. Family. How we interact and communicate with each other reflects the health of our relationships and is the basis of everything we do in life. Developing better ways of communicating will directly improve the quality of our relationships. And vice versa.
Frankly, we live in a time of a communications crisis. Witness the polarization of different groups in our society. People have difficulty communicating and even disagreeing amicably. Real connections are hard to come by. This is quite ironic considering the communication and information revolution of our times. Our technologies are connecting us like never before, while our hearts and minds remain disconnected more than ever. Throw into the equation today’s sophisticated marketing techniques — crunching metrics, manipulating our emotions and selling us everything and anything — and it’s not difficult to imagine why we are often clueless as to the true meaning of healthy communication, and, by extension, relationships. No wonder that we are experiencing a breakdown in so many of our connections and attachments.
Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he dissects the anatomy of communication. Discover the true meaning and significance of communication. How it is rooted in the very essence of your earliest connections with your loved ones, beginning in the very womb of your mother. Learn how communication is much more than language and expression — it is the ultimate bridge between two souls. Identify the key ingredients and necessary steps to build healthy, enduring, and eternal relationships: Listen. Care. Integrity. Trust. Empowerment.

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