If You Were Adam or Eve: Taking Responsibility for the World

If you were the only person on Earth responsible for the destiny of the universe, how would you act? Without any peer pressure or social obligations, without needing to please anyone or conform to expectations and conventions, how would you behave? Most people today feel, frankly, insignificant. With over seven billion people on our planet, and an increasingly depersonalized life, the prevalent sentiment is that: “I don’t matter that much. With so many people out there how can my one act possibly make any difference? Anything I do is like a paltry drop in a vast ocean.”

That is why, at the beginning of the New Year, we read the story of Adam and Eve in the opening chapter of Genesis — compelling each of us to ask: how would I lead my life if I were the only man or woman populating this world? Because each one of us is just like Adam and Eve, created as unique individuals, with total responsibility over our environment, as if no on else existed. Each of us needs to envision ourselves as Adam and Eve, carrying responsibility over the future of the world.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this invigorating New Year/Bereishit workshop and learn how to discover your indispensable individuality and embrace your inner core. That awareness will in turn empower you to live by your inner voice and higher calling, rather than be swayed and seduced by the forces around us that relentlessly inundate us with all sorts of demands. Discover how to be like Adam and Eve, emboldened with the power to define your own destiny, instead of having other define it for you, and indeed shape the entire universe, instead of it shaping you.

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