Jealousy is very much connected to insecurity. When you are insecure, you sometimes feel, “Well if everyone else is insecure and fails, then I don’t look so bad.” When others succeed, it makes you very envious for that reason. Insecurity means you are always looking at others to define what you need. The breeding ground for jealousy is when people are not happy with their own lives, so they get consumed with other people’s lives, which of course spills over into gossip…into that whole world of voyeurism where everybody is looking at everybody else instead of themselves. We live in a society like that. And we know jealousy can drive people to the lowest depths in ways that are completely inhumane. But if you were to look at yourself and say, “I have my own strengths,” — and realize that G-d blessed you with particular unique personality and unique contributions to make, you generally would look less to others. The formula goes: The more secure you are, the less jealous of a person you will be. You need not look elsewhere. Everything you need is within you.

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Nicole Brin
5 years ago

I need this. Badly.

Bryan crowley
5 years ago
Reply to  Nicole Brin

Me to!!!

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