The Talmud says that someone who gets angry is like someone who worships idols. Anger is rooted essentially in worshiping yourself, not understanding that there is more to life going on than just you. We’re talking about uncontrollable rage, where people have bursts of anger and they may even be embarrassed of it later. Often people who are angry picked it up from their parents. Their father or mother may have reacted that way when there was a problem. It becomes a legitimate way of expressing yourself. It take time to work on something like that because that’s already deeply ingrained in your habits and attitudes that you pick up as a child. You’ll find that often people who are provoked, they have a legitimate reason to get angry but they don’t, and someone else will go ballistic. Why? Two people — they’re both insulted equally — one person will be calm and the other person will go crazy. The difference is that one person has G-d in his life and the other person does not have. People who have that element in their lives that is more than themselves, they don’t take it quite the same way. It doesn’t implode and therefore they don’t explode because they have a more balanced approach to life. People who have that element more than themselves, you’ll find get less angry.

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