Psychological Damage from Trauma and Why You Can Get Over It

Theme: The Dark Side

How can you heal after being wounded emotionally or psychologically? No matter what type of trauma you have endured your soul has extraordinary resilience and powerful resources to help you rebuild yourself. You were born a beautiful child with a pure soul and inherent dignity. No one — not even someone who has hurt or violated you — can take that away from you, because they did not give it to you. Your majestic soul is and always remains intact. And provides you with the spiritual power to heal. Indeed, the spiritual strength and light that comes from pain and darkness is even deeper than regular light. Join Kabbalistic scholar Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a short introduction to the mystical idea of “light and containers” and how that 4000-year-old concept plays out in healing from trauma.

This is an excerpt from: The Kabbalah of Tattoos

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