The True Definition of Kabbalah

The ancient mystical teachings of Kabbalah — once obscure and unknown — has recently become popular and even fashionable. Or has it? Do we really know what Kabbalah is? What does the word even mean? What do these teachings offer us?

Tonight is Lag B’Omer, the anniversary of Rabbi Shimeon Bar Yochai’s passing. Rabbi Shimeon, or Rashbi, is the “father” of Kabbalah. He authored the Zohar — the classical esoteric work, which is the foundation of mysticism, laying out a blueprint of the divine and the spiritual framework of the universe and beyond.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this special Lag B’Omer presentation, as he explains the surprising meaning of the word Kabbalah. Once we know its true definition, we can then take a journey into the mystical and mysterious chambers of our psyches and of the cosmos — and come away with a new way of looking at life and new methods to achieve transcendence and live the most fulfilling life possible. The inner workings of Kabbalah — as first taught by Rashbi, and further developed in subsequent generations — opens for us up enthralling vistas and unparalleled opportunities to build glorious lives and relationships, always brimming with unexpected possibilities.

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Elmarie Van Heerden
4 years ago

Thank you – I have so much to learn.

Elmarie Van Heerden
4 years ago

Thank you – I have much to learn.

4 years ago

Thank you Rabbi. The more I grow the more I discover how insignificant I am, but in a good sense. I have a little function and I am continuing to let go which has opened incredible doors, however, the more I learn and the more I feel a sense of responsibility. I need to correct my mistakes and lead my life as an example for others. I am still in infancy. I live with daily gratitude that I am able to absorb and learn. Although a Jew, I am not a religious person. Sometimes religion acts as a veil to truth. This is my feeling. I follow my heart and commit to do good within my capabilities, to give according to my means. To love everyone equally (although sometimes it’s difficult) but then As you said, I think about why a person acts the way they do to try to understand and always find an answer. I have learned to forgive. It all started with myself. Once I learned to forgive and love my true spirit self, then it opened the door for me to love, forgive and understand others. I am living this, I am experiencing it and I am extremely grateful for it. All that you say makes sense to me, now that I am in that wave length, I am on the right path, I let it flow through me and continue to learn as it comes my way. I have had many masters from all backgrounds. People who didn’t know how much influence they had on me. A simple smile at the right time can change a life. Thank you again. Will watch more of your videos.

Marc l'Ours Langlois
9 months ago

Thank you.

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