Passing Away: Where Does The Soul Go When You Die?

Where does the soul go to when you die? It’s a very distorted question. The premise is false. Imagine a discussion between a refrigerator and electricity. The refrigerator is plugged in and it’s cooling food. Now suddenly the plug is pulled and the refrigerator says to the electricity, “Where do you go when the plug is pulled?” Electricity says, “What do you mean, ‘where did I go’? Where did you come from? You’re a little box that was just created in the last century; I’ve been around from the beginning of time and I’m everywhere. They created a box to hold me. You’ve contained me. You’ve confined me in your box and you’ve become a cooling agent.”

When we ask “Where does the soul go to?” it is implying that here is where it’s at. Maybe it’s the other way around: The soul is where it’s at. And this world is a newcomer. We’re  like the box. And the soul enters into this box for a period of time and then it just goes back to its natural place. The fact that you’re not familiar with that place is like how a refrigerator is not familiar with electricity. All it is is a box. We have very narrow vision. We don’t see the larger journey of life. It’s all stages in a journey. It doesn’t necessarily relieve the pain of loss, of death. But it makes you understand that a soul doesn’t go anywhere. It may be right here, but it is not contained in a container.

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Ruth Twirl
7 years ago

I think this is a very fascinating subject to talk about.This is surely one of the questions that only God can answer . Its just like the story of electricity and the fridge .The fridge may never know were the electricity goes to but the electricity itself knows.

7 years ago

and if I do not believe in soul?

RC of the Gate
4 years ago
Reply to  someone

Well, if there is no such thing as soul…then this topic is moot and you are correct to not to believe and spend time on it.

However, if the soul does exists, your lack of belief in it should have little impact on where it goes after death…it’ll either reincarnate anyway or go to wherever it is meant to go. If you do reincarnate, my guess it will probably be to a life that will increase your potential to start believing in it and help it grow…

7 years ago

I think we come back to this world after death in a cycle .

7 years ago

In Bhagvath Gita it was clearly said like we change torn clothes our Atma will change from one body to other. Soul will not die. For re birth it may take 40 years to 400 years as mentioned in one story because whatever karma we do in this life as to pass through in next life. Example if X owes to You in this life and not repaid he has to repay in next life. Thank s

curious human
6 years ago

what if we are just a brain? no soul? ):

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