Your Free, Wild Spirit

Everyone has a free, wild spirit inside herself. Each of us has the right and the ability to be fully alive all the time. The trials and tribulations squelch it and bottle it up. It never dies, though. A vibrant spiritual energy with a Divine mission goes into a body in the material world and when materialism takes over, the soul is beat into servitude to the body. The free spirit is constricted. The soul is essentially in prison. We are not made of this world. We are fundamentally live energy. Everybody has that life force. That’s what a soul is. Until society stops pressuring us to shape up in a certain way, that soul is free. For most people, they only experience that in a functional, healthy childhood.


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Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
How to Truly Feel Alive
Wednesday, July 5, 2023 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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3 years ago

Dear, Rabbi Simon,
First, thanks for all your brilliant classes and inspiring words.
Then, I’d say, myself, I really connected to this last speech.
We’re so overwhelmed to show results and be the best and better that we stop to just feel wild and free as you mentioned.
So, cheers for your special words, may they they enter our souls, hearts and minds.
Fabio Schulman
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rodney Cochran
3 years ago

The truly free soul, relies on and cherishes the relationship with the father.

The Meaningful Life Center