Balak / 17 Tammuz Sermon Package



Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Balak and the 17th of Tammuz (or purchase them individually)

1. Tammuz 17: Are You Independent?
On Tammuz 17 the walls of Jerusalem were breached. What is the antidote to destruction and devastation? We can find the answer in this week’s Torah reading, which speaks about a disgusting idol and cult named Baal Peor, which involved the worship of waste – literally. Why in the world would intelligent Jews be attracted to such a despicable form of idol worship?!
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2. A Breach in the Wall
With all of today’s technologies we are also suffering from many breaches in society. The 17th of Tammuz, provides us with the answer. On this day the walls of Jerusalem were breached. Both the consequences of this breach, and the fact that this year the fast is pushed off by Shabbat, teaches us tremendous lessons about the breaches in our social order today.
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3. Jewish Revenge
How do Jews avenge the spilling of innocent blood? There are three reactions to darkness, that of Balaam, that of Job, and that of Jethro. The first encouraged darkness; the second was silent; the third, when fought darkness with light.
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4. Secret of Immortality
From the ancient pyramids to cryogenic freezing, from plastic  surgery to the cosmetics industry, human beings have done everything possible to find immortality. But the truth is that the secret of immortality is revealed in this week’s Torah reading.
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5. The Secret of Co-Existence
Is there a solution to conflict and discord? In this week’s Torah reading, Balaam’s praise of the beautiful tents of the Jews, offers an antidote to divisiveness. And it couldn’t come at a better time, as we enter today into the “Three Weeks,” which commemorate the destruction of the Temple due to baseless hatred among the Jews.
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