Blood, Fire and Pillars of Smoke: 3 More Vital Secrets for Today
[Pre-Passover Workshop]



Are you living a passionate life? Before answering that let’s first define passion. “Whoa!” “What,” you may be wondering, do we mean by passion?” Many associate passion with specific experiences, often related to love and sexuality. Thus, passion is usually compartmentalized — experienced in isolated moments. You may even associate passion with things illicit. Many religious systems have managed to indoctrinate people, sending the message that passion is sinful. Crimes of passion have wreaked untold destruction.

This begs the question then: is passion positive or negative? Is it productive, or destructive? Can you live — indeed, are you living — a life driven by passion, and not just one of fleeting escapism? Are your days and activities filled with fire and spirit? Where are your passions directed — toward healthy or unhealthy ends? Can one live a full life without passion?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Passover workshop as he deciphers a cryptic phrase in the Passover Haggadah — “blood and fire and pillars of smoke” — and applies it to our lives today. Learn how these three elements hold the key to either a destructive life or to a rich and successful life, empowering you to discover your passion and actualize your tremendous potential. Find out how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy passions, and how to harness the latter into a positive force. Last week, we uncovered three tools: transcendence, emptying yourself and empathy. This week learn an additional three secrets to living the most passionate life possible.


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[Pre-Passover Workshop]”

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