Can We Beat Death?
[Parshat Vayechi]



As much as we ignore it, death seems to be an integral part of our lives and our reality. Everything organic, we are told, decays and perishes. Yet, science today also teaches us that nothing truly disappears. Matter turns into energy. Water becomes gas. Even when organic bodies deteriorate and die they are simply changing form. Life does not actually end. It metamorphoses from one state to another.

Then why are we so terrified of death? Why do we see it as “the end”? And why do men try to beat death in all types of ways — from the ancient pyramids to cryogenic freezing? Humans have always been on a perpetual search for immortality. Today’s plastic surgery and certainly the cosmetics industry capitalize on the timeless quest for the “fountain of youth” – something, anything that would abort or reverse the aging process. The ultimate question is this: Can we beat death?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening Vayechi workshop and discover that the true secret of beating death lays in first rethinking our very definition of life and death. Our perspective defines our reality. As long as we remain trapped in our myopic view, as long as we look at life and death through the limited eyes of our egos and mortal lens of our materialistic vantage points, then we ourselves have written our own self-defeating conclusion: Everything dies. But when we look at life through an immortal lens, then we can find the key to living forever. Come and learn how to see yourself in a new way, and, in effect, how to beat death.


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[Parshat Vayechi]”

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