An Unknown Word That Carries the Secret to Everything
[Parshat Beshalach]



Most if not all of the greatest powers in life remain hidden from the naked eye. DNA. Sub-atomic particles. Nuclear energy. Why are the most potent forces in existence invisible? There is one unknown word — a single word that literally means nothing — which is the soul of everything. Indeed, there is one tiny letter which embodies this word, and in its bridging the mortal and the immortal, the temporal and the eternal, the finite and the infinite, the conscious and the unconscious, the visible and the invisible — existence and beyond existence.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this global Yud Shvat workshop and discover the word and the letter that contains the secret to all success, growth, relationships, intimacy and… eternity itself. The nothing that is greater than all somethings.


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[Parshat Beshalach]”

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