What Do You Dream About?
[Parshat Vayeitzei]



We all dream. But what do we dream about? Many of our dreams are either flights of fancy or just plain gibberish. But do our dreams reveal anything about us? Can they help us in any way?

And how about the dreams we have while we are awake? Are they simply futile exercises of escapism? Say, you are dreaming and aspiring to achieve something that presently seems totally unreachable. Is there any value to that dream? Many of us dream of a better world, we hope and dream for world peace and harmony, free of war and injustice. Does this dream have any benefit — or is it just plain unrealistic wishful thinking, especially in light of the atrocities perpetrated this past week in Paris, Jerusalem and other cities around the world?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Dreams/Vayeitzei workshop and learn how Jacob’s dream teaches us profound lessons about our own dreams. Discover how your dreams offer you a glimpse into another reality, and how they can open up for you new channels of creativity and intelligence. Find out how to sleep more peacefully and dream pleasant and meaningful dreams. And above all, how your dreams can transform your conscious, “realistic,” existence.


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[Parshat Vayeitzei]”

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