Is the World Getting Darker? 19 Kislev/Chanukah Workshop
[Parshat Vayeishev]



Is the world getting better or worse? On one hand, we are experiencing the greatest ever surge of technological development and advances, dramatically improving virtually every sector of society, with no end to the growth in sight. Freedom and human rights have become a global standard. War and bloodshed have continuously been on the decline, and we are now in the most peaceful time in all of human history. On the other hand, we are also witnessing a brutal assault on our way of life and our freedoms — a religious war being waged on innocent people in the Middle East and Europe, and everywhere, with also no seeming end in sight. How do we reconcile the two — the tremendous progress and the relentless attacks?

The same paradox exists on the personal front: In this information and communications age, the world has never been more connected. Yet, our personal lives have perhaps never been more disconnected. The rate of divorce and loneliness is skyrocketing, all the while we are able to access all information, anywhere, anytime.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this sweeping Yud Tes Kislev/Chanukah workshop and discover a new way at looking at the world and at yourself. Do you ever feel that the face-paced world is just whizzing by you? Learn to step back and get a birds eye view at the events of our times, making sense of the contradictions around us. Find out what can we do to bridge the divisions between accelerated technology and decelerated morality, between unprecedented worldwide unity and unparalleled personal disunity. Learn how to take control of your life in a world that seems increasingly out of control.


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[Parshat Vayeishev]”

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